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Since 1986, “A.Simonato Traslochi“, has been supporting the inhabitants of the city of Venice by offering a rapid and timely transport of goods through the use of boats. Well aware of the climatic problems, often adverse present in the lagoon, the company has developed great ability to adapt, confirming itself as a leader in the field and giving as primary objective the satisfaction of the customer.

Thanks to an efficient boat service, the company is in the front line for short and long-distance removals of houses, offices, garages and workshops. Equipped with great versatility and having available every resource necessary to make transfers, “A. Simonato Traslochi“, is every day more appreciated by a wide range of customers who rely on the company for the transport of goods for personal or commercial use.

In order to plan in the best way and to provide a fast and efficient service, the first operation that will be carried out will be that of an inspection without obligation, in order to evaluate every element of the future move. Once the procedure has been completed and everything has been organized down to the smallest detail, we will proceed with the transport of the materials.

A. Simonato Traslochi is the Veneto region’s undisputed leader for civil and industrial moving services: warehousing and storage of furniture in facilities of easy access; furniture assembly and dismantling; supply of packaging material; private removals in Venice and its islands; removals for offices and companies; transfer of works of art and exhibitions; carpentry work; autoscaling; and transportation of various kinds.

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